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972900_10154037117495627_142174854_nYour Sound Productions is a driven, passionate and charismatic team, striving to offer affordably priced, yet high quality voice-over casting & recording services for a​nimation. Professional, ​but also down to earth, they put ​their heart and soul​ into all the work ​they do.​ Helping is ​their main goal, and being part of a greater team is​ what matters the most.

Neera Garg, an experienced Producer within the field, boasts an extensive background of 17 years, including working on Emmy nominated TV shows. While collaborating with many different producers, directors, actors & recording studios, Neera has built solid working relationships.

There are many people involved in recording a cartoon show and I believe having the best team means a better finished product. My main objectives are to ensure that everyone gels and to maximize creativity in the studio. I'm happy to do whatever it takes to get the job done. It's all about the experience for me . Let's create a cartoon together, and have some fun!